60+ Amazing DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

Wine bottles can be used creatively for lighting and these creative ways make special occasions highlighted and also can be given as unique gifts. If you have a good collection of empty wine bottles, it is best you recycle them into fascinating night lights or lamps. The diy wine bottle crafts looks beautiful mainly because the wine bottles have a hint of shining. So it can be gifted or used in your own home as a night light in the bedroom or kitchen or to light up a dark corner.

Lighted wine bottles are simple to make. Just drilling a hole through the glass is the skill. If you are not skilled in cutting glass, merely push lights string into the bottle and plug the hanging out part to the bottle top. Leave enough cord, so that it does not pull the bottle. Cutting the glass at the back side ensures a cleaner look and the worry about the electrical cord tipping over the bottle is also ruled out.

Remember to use the same lights that you use on the Christmas tree. Buy small sets of light and ensure they are battery operated. One more thing that is important to know is the best is to use clear or colored bottles. The clear bottles permit light to shine properly without dimming or even distorting the color. You can use plain white lights as it shines better than in the colored glass.

Diy wine bottle crafts are simple; you just have to add lights. Decorate them with a ribbon and give more personality and color to the decorations. There are many more crafts done using wine bottle. These can be made unique by sticking stickers of your favorite sports team and on using lights, it looks decorated. You can also use the wine bottles as centerpieces during weddings by tying helium balloons to the bottles neck.