25 Modern & Affordable DIY House Number (Address Plate)

25 Modern & Affordable DIY House Number (Address Plate)

House number is the first thing that attracts the attention of a person before entering inside. Going with the same house number or not depends on ones choice. If you feel motivated to do some changes in and around your house, begin with address plate as your diy project.

Modern & affordable diy house number is not a need, but the homeowner’s interest. Having the existing house number is not wrong nor does it look ugly. But, with times, everything starts looking faded and dull. If this is not your style, you must immediately consider some diy house number.

Considering changing the existing address plate into modern& affordable DIY address plate means you must remove the old address plate with a drill. The removing of address plate should be done very carefully such that the other areas near the address plate remain undisturbed. In case you notice the existing house number is difficult to drill out of the concrete, you just can put your new diy house number hanging around the existing anchors. If so, measure the existing address place and fix new screws by drilling and fix the new address place on it exactly in the same spot.

There is a need to put the new diy address plate in the right place, so you may consider using the nail gun so that the layout of the board is in place. However, if you plan painting, then without fail clean all the stains before nailing and cutting. Thus allow it to dry overnight.

Above all as it is a diy address plate, use waterseal spray so that your address plate is waterproof, even if does not experience much of water exposure. There may be times when it gets wet and so spraying waterproof seal ensures the color is always retained.