The Best 100+ DIY Ideas For Your Home

Giving life to your home or the window areas need not be expensive or difficult. You can always add some obvious features and beautify your home. DIY ideas for your home can be done without adding a big expense.

Windows are always the most overlooked area and actually it is the simplest to personalize window decorations. In fact, you need not go for a big change, instead just replace the window curtain tie backs that appear really boring. There are different ways of replacing them and some of them are as below:

  1.  Add boutique or antique doorknobs that are affordable and stylish to pull the curtains behind. It requires simple diy skills.
  2. Purchase some heavy chains and spray your choice of color and enhance the look of your window curtains by tying these chains to them.
  3. Use leather belts so that they are around the buckle or for a change get ties of your gentleman and use it to tie the curtain. It looks cut as they come with different attractive prints and patterns. In this way, your man can buy new set of neck ties.


Buying new curtains are very expensive. Make your own curtains matching your décor at a lesser cost. Diy ideas for your home curtains are the best than buying new.

  1. You may repurpose some old bed sheet, but some basic sewing skills may be required.
  2. Printing designs on plain curtains is another fun solution. You can do it using stencils and spray paint or make easy repeat patterns using a sponge to make a stamp.
  3. In case you are worried about your windows markings, check the window first, clean it and then put on your new diy curtains, so that it offers the expected appeal to your home.