Top 70 DIY Patio And Porch Decor Ideas (2017)

Top 70 DIY Patio and Porch Decor Ideas (2017)

Patios and porches are beautiful additions to home. Patios are a recreational area in the backyard, while the porches enhance a façade giving additional personality. Both, porches and patio are practical options. They give homeowners an aesthetic approach through patios and porches, besides making wonderful memories.

Planning DIY patio and porch décor ideas is helpful as you can recline with a wine or beer in one hand and get immersed in your own house garden beauty. In fact, patio also serves in the backyard for a small family get-together or a place to play with kids in the noon. The patios may appear to be simple, but are important.

A DIY patio and porch décor ideas, even the simplest is not going to be easy on the budget. Thus consider investments without the need for breaking your bank account. Porches define a house and so when you plan remodeling, ensure extra care is taken to maintain its feel and look. Most houses built around 1800s have porches that may require renovations such as simple tinkering to retain shine.

Redesigning your porch or patio is simple and you can always make a change with a fraction of your budget or also enjoy doing it as a family activity. The few simple things that can be done as a family includes re-painting the deck to give a different new look. This also gives a different personality.

Change the railing design and consider reclaimed wood than buying a new one. You may check with garage sales or craigslist for reclaimed wood that has railings. Using light and thin wood is useful for the columns design and it also works to be cheaper. You can also sometimes get it from lumber yards for free. Reclaimed wood can be bought from non-profit organizations at economical prices.