Top 70 DIY Patio And Porch Decor Ideas (2017)

Patios and porches are beautiful additions to home. Patios are a recreational area in the backyard, while the porches enhance a façade giving additional personality. Both, porches and patio are practical options. They give homeowners an aesthetic approach through patios and porches, besides making wonderful memories.

Planning DIY patio and porch décor ideas is helpful as you can recline with a wine or beer in one hand and get immersed in your own house garden beauty. In fact, patio also serves in the backyard for a small family get-together or a place to play with kids in the noon. The patios may appear to be simple, but are important.

A DIY patio and porch décor ideas, even the simplest is not going to be easy on the budget. Thus consider investments without the need for breaking your bank account. Porches define a house and so when you plan remodeling, ensure extra care is taken to maintain its feel and look. Most houses built around 1800s have porches that may require renovations such as simple tinkering to retain shine.

Redesigning your porch or patio is simple and you can always make a change with a fraction of your budget or also enjoy doing it as a family activity. The few simple things that can be done as a family includes re-painting the deck to give a different new look. This also gives a different personality.

Change the railing design and consider reclaimed wood than buying a new one. You may check with garage sales or craigslist for reclaimed wood that has railings. Using light and thin wood is useful for the columns design and it also works to be cheaper. You can also sometimes get it from lumber yards for free. Reclaimed wood can be bought from non-profit organizations at economical prices.

The Best 60+ DIY Pallet Projects For Your Bathroom

There are many DIY projects with pallets and it is considered to be really useful for all the generalized subjects. Pallets are versatile and are used in different projects. They are very resourceful and indeed wonderful. Though you can always try your hands on diy pallet projects for your bathroom, you must also consider the pros and cons of using pallets.

Pros of DIY Pallets

There are many advantages using wooden pallets. The foremost point is that they are really cheap and come for free. They are durable, strong and highly versatile. They are useful to keep contents and materials of all sorts reliable. The diy pallet projects for your bathroom are easily accessible and you can find them anywhere without much trouble. The best part is they can be replaced easily, if they get damaged.

There is another advantage of recycling the pallets. It has repurpose value and can be used for wonderful projects. It needs you to be creative and if you require some inspiration or help, there are plenty of diy pallet projects that can be done with wooden pallets. Check them and present your version.

Cons of DIY Pallet

When the pros appear, somewhere people miss out on the cons attached. Actually focusing on the cons is equally important. Well, to begin with, wooden pallets are appropriate to invite bacteria. So, think twice prior to using a pallet, especially to make a table, a food container or some counter top. It is simple for the pallets to permit the growth of salmonella and E coli bacteria so do not ignore these valuable cons, if you are trying to make one.

In addition to the bacteria, wooden pallets develop fungus in case they remain dump for a big time period. In such cases, ensure at all times they are dry. Besides, pallets are not very simple to clean.

Amazing 30+ DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Do you know you can use the industrial pipes to make shelves? Here it is, these are simple diy projects that are of great use in the long run. You can consider diy industrial pipe shelves. This does not work to be cheap, but are a valuable investment.

The advantage of considering diy industrial pipe shelves is that they can be disassembled to any setting. Even if you plan to move out of your house or keep moving every year, these pipe shelves can be moved without much trouble. However, if it is your own home, you can have a full-height shelf that is a study bookcase or in the kitchen as shelves for dry goods storage. They are sure to make your room or kitchen look perfectly organized.

If you consider standard shelves, it may work to be a lot cheaper to put up on the side walls. You can also divide such pipe shelves such that ½ of the shelf is for hanging clothes and the remaining half is for other things to be stored. There is no doubt that it is cheaper than the wood shelves. It can also be hidden by fixing a curtain or some old door.

Another beautiful and simple idea that can be done using industrial pipes is to add pallets taking support of the industrial pipes. The industrial pipes are strong and so clamp the pallets taking measure of the pipes such that the pipes pass through the pallet boards forming shelves. Such shelves are sturdy and can hold lots of items. The lengths of the pallets are your choice. You may consider to keep it lengthy and to use as per your desire. The lower ones can hold a laptop and you can also place a chair in accordance to facilitate working, it necessary.

Amazing 50+ DIY Pergola And Fire Pit Ideas

The relationship of your home and its surroundings are always very close. A beautiful, functional outdoor space is sure to complement your home and present a curbing appeal. The backyard living spaces are always a lovely place to have a picnic table and some eating spaces. But, it is more appropriate when there is a pergola so that even if there are sudden showers of rain or snow, nothing gets disturbed. This is the reason many consider diy pergola and fire pit ideas, so that it works as a savior at hard and unpredictable times.

Having a fire pit means you also need seating areas, outdoor furniture, couches, outdoor kitchen with a sink, grill and refrigerator and also TVs. If you have space at the backyard, small or big, think and plan how to use that space. If you consider outdoor activity or dining, ensure how many people can be seated, will the space be suitable to keep you and your guest’s safe from heat or even at cold nights. If so, you may consider diy pergola and fire pit ideas, if your budget is restricted.

Begin with the design to suit your budget and lifestyle. Whatever is your taste, find suitable choices. This is the chance for you to conceal all the unflattering elements outside. Always choose designs that complement your home and its style. If you consider modern outdoor space, go with sleek, angular designs and rock gardens and select plants that do not need much attention.

Arrange seating under the diy pergola such that there is enough room to have relaxation and conversation. Ensure there are comfortable pillows and cushions covered in good fabric. Build a pergola offering shade and use wood, synthetics and metal as the basic materials to suit your lifestyle. This will turn into the hub of entertainment.

51+ Cheap And Easy Home Decorating Ideas

Spending a fortune is not expected just to jazz up the area you are leaving or even the home. However, there are cheap and easy home decorating ideas to be tried for the next bash you are planning to throw.

Table Decors

Get beach pebbles, arrange them on the table. You can place on the center of the table colorful fruits in a large bowl; add green leaves to the sides. In case, the party is at night times, you can place on the tables some beautiful candles. It will enhance the entire room.

Flowers Decoration

You can place flowers all around the room in each corner or on the table alone, the choice is entirely yours. Place it in the corner displays or hallway displays. Make paper flowers, stack tissue papers on the table. Fold them in pleats, secure using a rubber band and separate them by ruffling to the center.

Get Some Balloons

This is a cheap and easy home decorating ideas. You can get some balloons, blow them in many colors or inflate them quickly by renting a helium canister. Hang the balloons on the ceiling or stick to the walls to appear as bouquets. In kids parties, ensure the balloons are at reachable heights and allow kids to draw on the balloons different faces.

Other Cheap and easy home Decorating Ideas

In case your home wood furniture appears old, buy or rent covers for the chairs. For the chairs, just add slipcovers to offer a new look.

Take photos of any scenery or flowers. Place these photos in neat rows on the wall. Precut frames are available to use and you may use these too.

Other Tips

Visit some garage sales and there will be tons of items for decorations such as frames, lamps, old tables, etc. If you are creative, you can draw on your computer, take prints of them and hang it on the wall.

30 Awesome DIY Mothers Day Crafts For Kids To Make

Getting kids active is a real task. Making them learn a skill is more difficult, especially if they are busy playing around. However, as a parent, teaching skills helping in the rest of their lives is more important. To begin with check your hardware store in the local area for classes on elementary skills learning for your child.

Most schools do not offer kids training on handling tools. This is where the hardware store workshops have picked up. They offer training to younger children in such skills where children can handle tools safely without causing accidents. This helps the children in doing diy mothers day crafts for kids to make.

The workshops are handy and deal with teaching kids about using the everyday tools safely. It also involves a lot of diy skills to learn that is sure to support them in a long way. In fact, kids also acquire a sense of accomplishment on finishing the projects, regardless of whether the project is perfect looking or not. There are stores even handing out certificates on completing projects and this makes the kids to be really proud.

Hardware store workshops insist parents to be around with their kids so that the child learns holding tools confidently with their parents. In this way, parents can also learn new skills and unlock the handyman sleeping inside you. Such classes are for kids in the ages as four to five up to 12 years. The kids enjoy as these projects are not frustrating and offer them a chance to handle diy projects. Thus the child’s creativity is unleashed.

Teach your kids to use different items that are available at different times of the year. In this way, your kids learn making different diy mother’s day crafts to make. If your child is in the ages between 5 and 12, you must check with the local store for creativity classes and keep your child busy.