Amazing 55+ DIY Fairy House Ideas

Fairy Houses are little tiny structures for the woodland creatures and fairies. It ranges from simple to elaborate ‘Fairy Mansions’ and these are built by families, children, gardeners and nature lovers. The DIY fair house ideas reflect ones creativity and joy.

Diy fairy houses ideas represent ones passion in this unique activity and children are more than happy to involve in this project. They find this activity encouraging as it gives them an opportunity to stay outside and to enjoy the connection with the natural world.

Children already are inspired by the fairy houses books and so are ready to have on in their house backyard. In fact, the enthusiasm of a child while building diy fairy house envelops all the people in the family regardless of their ages. Besides it becomes contagious as it also brings in friends and family to join this fun.

This wonderful outdoor activity has gained popularity owing to the series of the fairy houses. Thus, building fairy houses today is an activity across the world and the country. Children also become readily a part of this creation of diy fairy house and parents must permit their children to take part so that they understand the creativity and its nature. This encourages them and they come up with more imaginations about fairy habitats.

Before building diy fairy house, it is important to know everything about Fairy Houses. This is essential so that you know what to put inside the house for the fairies to stay comfortable inside during long winter nights. You can check other fairy houses build by others and get new inspirations. This fair house diy presents a wonderful program for your kids and you to involve. This togetherness creates a close bond between parents and kids, besides creating a sense of community.

100+ Awesome DIY Shabby Chic Furniture Makeover Ideas

Furniture is essential, yet after few years they become shabby furniture. If you are distressed at the sight of your shabby furniture, it is high time to give a makeover. You may consider diy makeover to your shabby furniture and ensure it looks chic.

Planning for diy for your furniture gives your old furniture a new lease of life and offers a new chic impression after the makeover. Charity shops and auction rooms are ideal places for bargaining and if you are confident about your friends or family ask them to accompany.

To begin with change the handles of the furniture if they look very old. You may paint them, but before painting fill the holes if any on the handles and leave it to dry. Paint the handle or the leg; remember to spread newspaper, so that your floor is protected.

Before beginning to paint, use paint stripper and remove the old paint or using sandpaper of fine grade rub on the key surface to take out the paint. Work in a well ventilated area. If there are areas that are perfect, mask such areas using masking tape. While, wipe other areas with a damp cloth so that dust is removed. Paint the furniture with primer and allow it to dry. If the furniture is a bureau, paint the drawer fronts and the bureau inside and leave to dry. Then do the outside part and allow it to dry.

As it is your diy work, to make the shabby furniture into shabby chic furniture, choose paint color of your choice, matching the other things in the room. Remember to give two or three thin paint coats. Finally remove the masking tape carefully after ensuring everything is dry. Your distress over the furniture piece is eventually gone and you start loving this diy shabby chic furniture makeover.

60+ Amazing DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

Wine bottles can be used creatively for lighting and these creative ways make special occasions highlighted and also can be given as unique gifts. If you have a good collection of empty wine bottles, it is best you recycle them into fascinating night lights or lamps. The diy wine bottle crafts looks beautiful mainly because the wine bottles have a hint of shining. So it can be gifted or used in your own home as a night light in the bedroom or kitchen or to light up a dark corner.

Lighted wine bottles are simple to make. Just drilling a hole through the glass is the skill. If you are not skilled in cutting glass, merely push lights string into the bottle and plug the hanging out part to the bottle top. Leave enough cord, so that it does not pull the bottle. Cutting the glass at the back side ensures a cleaner look and the worry about the electrical cord tipping over the bottle is also ruled out.

Remember to use the same lights that you use on the Christmas tree. Buy small sets of light and ensure they are battery operated. One more thing that is important to know is the best is to use clear or colored bottles. The clear bottles permit light to shine properly without dimming or even distorting the color. You can use plain white lights as it shines better than in the colored glass.

Diy wine bottle crafts are simple; you just have to add lights. Decorate them with a ribbon and give more personality and color to the decorations. There are many more crafts done using wine bottle. These can be made unique by sticking stickers of your favorite sports team and on using lights, it looks decorated. You can also use the wine bottles as centerpieces during weddings by tying helium balloons to the bottles neck.

The Best 100+ DIY Ideas For Your Home

Giving life to your home or the window areas need not be expensive or difficult. You can always add some obvious features and beautify your home. DIY ideas for your home can be done without adding a big expense.

Windows are always the most overlooked area and actually it is the simplest to personalize window decorations. In fact, you need not go for a big change, instead just replace the window curtain tie backs that appear really boring. There are different ways of replacing them and some of them are as below:

  1.  Add boutique or antique doorknobs that are affordable and stylish to pull the curtains behind. It requires simple diy skills.
  2. Purchase some heavy chains and spray your choice of color and enhance the look of your window curtains by tying these chains to them.
  3. Use leather belts so that they are around the buckle or for a change get ties of your gentleman and use it to tie the curtain. It looks cut as they come with different attractive prints and patterns. In this way, your man can buy new set of neck ties.


Buying new curtains are very expensive. Make your own curtains matching your décor at a lesser cost. Diy ideas for your home curtains are the best than buying new.

  1. You may repurpose some old bed sheet, but some basic sewing skills may be required.
  2. Printing designs on plain curtains is another fun solution. You can do it using stencils and spray paint or make easy repeat patterns using a sponge to make a stamp.
  3. In case you are worried about your windows markings, check the window first, clean it and then put on your new diy curtains, so that it offers the expected appeal to your home.

40 Clever DIY Furniture Hacks

Furniture are the most important objects of houses. People can reflect their fancy when they decorate their house with furniture which are chosen by them. For this reason, furniture has great importance. As everything, furniture also has a life. When they are getting old, they are usually casted away however there are some furniture hacks which allow unusable furniture to be utilized. So, if you ask that how unusable furniture are utilized then we can see some example which is as coffee table from an old suitcase, bench from old chairs and we can maximize examples more.

Every people loves travelling. When they travel, the important thing that what they need is suitcase. After a few travels, suitcases are getting obsolescent. In the circumstances, instead of casting away suitcases, we can make some authentic decoration object as coffee table. All we need is just 4 foot as old chair feet for sustaining it.
Everyone knows that plastics are the most harmful thing for the earth. When we put a plastic object on the soil, it takes maybe millions years to melt away. So, we can also utilize them instead of casting away as making swing from an unusable plastic chair for our children.

If you are a booklover and you like authentic objects, there are also a smart furniture hacks as making a bookshelf from an unusable wood door. All you need to do is just a few nails and pieces of wood for shelfs.

Every furniture maybe has a memory from your past. So, instead of casting away them, we can just utilize them for what we need and so we can keep our memory. Also, it is good for your budget and avoiding wastefulness. Just keep all of them to make your memory alive and utilize them!